These Are A Few of Our Favorite (Fall) Things!

Fall is officially here! We're celebrating the beginning of this new, beautiful season with a few of our favorite things about fall.

1. Cooler weather- No more sweltering hot day. Bring on the cool, crisp air!

2. Fall leaves- Nature is amazing! There's nothing like the crunch of fallen leaves beneath your boots.

3. Pumpkin-spice, everything!- Coffee, cookies, sweets, you name it! We'll take one. 

4. Nights by the fire- Grab a blanket and cozy up by the fire.

5. Football season- Whether you enjoy sports or not, who doesn't love a good tailgate?

6. Fall fashion- Boots, sweaters, scarves and coats galore! 

7. Fall food- Warm and supremely comforting. Yummy!

8. Halloween candy- Never admit how much you actually ate. 

9. Jack O'lanterns- Gather your friends for a pumpkin carving party.

10. Fall beauty- Those colors... Need we say more?

Needless to say, we're pretty excited for this new season! What are your favorite things about Fall?