uv wristbands

UV Wristbands- How They Work

Our UV Wristbands make it fun and easy for kids and adults to remember to reapply sunscreen and cover up when you've had too much sun. But, how do they work?

Our UV Wristbands detect harmful UVA & UVB rays from the sun and with our patented technology, change color the longer you are in the sun. The secret is the special patented photo-chromic dyes imbedded in the band that change colors when exposed to the UV radiation of the sun, the same harmful UV radiation that we wear sunscreen to protect ourselves from. 

Check out this step by step tutorial of how each UV Wristband works:

Step 1: Activate the band by exposing it to direct sunlight for 3 minutes.

Step 2: When band turns dark purple, apply sunscreen to entire band and allow 15 minutes for sunscreen to dry on band before getting band wet. 

Step 3: When band begins to turn to a lighter color, this is your reminder to reapply sunscreen. Reapply to the band and your skin at the same time, following the exact directions on your sunscreen label. 

Step 4: Cover your skin or get out of the sun when the band turns to an off-white or cream color. You have reached your maximum recommended UVA/UVB exposure for the day.