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Sunny Goes to the Beach: A Children's Book on Sun Safety

Katherine C. Troutman is the author behind the sun safe book, A Children's Book on Sun Safety. The book teaches children, parents & caregivers sun safety best practices through a beach day story.

Photo taken from Kickstarter page.

Photo taken from Kickstarter page.

On her website (, Katherine explains the story behind this must-needed book:

"My son, a toddler, has books on tooth brushing, potty training, sharing, tying his shoes. But in my searching, I found few children's books that teach children about specific sun-protective measures beyond putting on sunscreen. In my practice as a dermatology nurse practitioner, it was clear that most people do not know best practices for sun protection."
"We know that early childhood is a formative time for developing habits. Children model their behavior after parents, caregivers, and mentors, as well as from what they see and hear in stories. This book serves as another source to help guide and reinforce children's' behavior. Like brushing our teeth, protecting our skin from the sun and its consequences could and should be second nature."

Katherine is self-publishing this book through her Kickstarter Campaign that went live on March 1st. There's only 68 hours left to support her cause! Click here to see more.