5 Sun Safe Sunscreen Tips for Summer

We all know the importance of sunscreen. Everyone needs sunscreen to protect their skin from the harmful UV rays from the sun. The sun's rays can cause sunburns, wrinkles and skin cancer. 


With skin cancer rates are on the rise, we're breaking down five sun safe sunscreen tips to practice throughout the year. 

1. Apply 15-20 minutes before going outside. 

This will allow the sunscreen to create a protective layer on the skin. 

2. Reapply your sunscreen every two hours. 

This is so important! Further reapplication is necessary if you are sweating or swimming. 

3. Make sure you're applying the right amount of sunscreen. 

The Skin Cancer foundations say 1 ounce (about a shot glass full) is the standard amount to ensure you properly covered the body. 

4. Throw out your bottle if it's expired. 

Sunscreens typically last 2-3 years. Check your bottle to make sure you're using an up-to-date sunscreen. 



5. Sunscreen can't be your only form of sun protection. 

Wear a hat, seek shade when possible and opt for UPF clothing. 

Key Facts on Melanoma | Sunburn Alert

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States, accounting for over 5 million cases each year. Fortunately, this type of skin cancer is very preventable.  


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The American Cancer Society has estimated the number of melanoma cases in the United States for 2018: 

  • About 91,270 new melanomas will be diagnosed (about 55,150 in men and 36,120 in women).
  • About 9,320 people are expected to die of melanoma (about 5,990 men and 3,330 women).

Want to know exactly HOW to stay sun protected this summer? Here are our top four tips:

  1. Wear sunscreen: This is an obvious one. Apply after cleansing and before makeup about 15 minutes before going outside. 
  2. Reapply: This is forgotten by most people. Apply your sunscreen every two hours. 
  3. Wear protective attire: This includes hats, UV protected clothing and sunglasses. 
  4. Stay out of the sun: Make sure to seek shade when possible! 

Source: The American Cancer Society

Sun Tip: Reapply Your Sunscreen

Reapplication of sunscreen is just as important as putting it on in the first place, so reapply every two hours. Our Body Stickers + Wristbands remind you when to reapply and seek shade! Yes, we do ALL the work for you. So, sit back and enjoy the beach...sun safe style!