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#HOWMUCHISENOUGH Melanoma Awareness Video: A Must-Watch

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Melanoma Focus UK is the UK’s leading melanoma charity "working to find better treatments and ultimately a cure for melanoma patients." Earlier this week, they shared a video by Altruist Sunscreen, a not-for-profit dermatologist developed sunscreen, on melanoma.


It is the third video in a series of films concentrated on the need to protect yourself from the sun. The video highlights a solider, Mike, who was diagnosed with melanoma. The film asks the question ‘How Much is Enough?’ –– encouraging people to practice sun safety and wear sunscreen daily. 

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Credit: Altruist Sunscreen

Molly Sims Teams Up With The Claire Marie Foundation

"The Claire Marie Foundation was established in 2014 following the death of Claire Marie Wagonhurst, a sparkling 17 year old who lost a long battle with adolescent melanoma as a result of changes her body went through during puberty."

Molly Sims has teamed up with The Claire Marie Foundation to bring awareness to adolescent melanoma. Watch her PSA below.

Credit: The Claire Marie Foundation

Credit: The Claire Marie Foundation

Support The Claire Marie Foundation here.

#LookingGoodin2016 Video

The American Academy of Dermatology's (AAD) Melanoma Monday campaign is focused on "Looking Good in 2016." Their newly released PSA highlights a man dancing in front of the bathroom mirror to encourage all men to check their skin for signs of cancer.

This video is very important, especially since an estimated 6,750 men in the U.S. will die from melanoma in 2016.*

We encourage all our male and female readers to protect their skin with sunscreen (reapply, too!), seek shade, wear a hat and sunglasses and get your skin screened!


"Is your skin "Looking Good in 2016?" This humourous PSA encourages men to check their skin for the signs of skin cancer and find a partner to help, as men over 50 have a higher risk of developing melanoma than the general population."

*According to The Skin Cancer Foundation.