global running day

Toady is Global Running Day

The world's largest running party is today. Global Running Day encourages everyone to get moving and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. 

In 2006, Austrian researchers reported marathon runners face an increased risk of skin cancer because of long sun exposure. Stay sun protected today and throughout all your runs with these five tips: 


1. Wear sunscreen

Apply a waterproof, sweat resistant sunscreen 15-20 minutes prior to your run. This will ensure your sunscreen has absorbed properly. 

2. Opt for a Sunburn Alert UV Wristband

This will help you remember when it's time to reapply. Many runners forget to reapply, causing them to get a sunburn hours after their run. The UV Wristband will be your friendly reminder. Carry a small tube of sunscreen in your pocket or running belt. 

3. Don't forget a hat

Wear a baseball cap or visor to ensure your face is staying protected from the sun. 

4. Don't run in the heat of the day

Avoid the summer heat by choosing to do your runs in the morning or evening. The temperatures will be cooler –– causing you not get overheated. 

5. Protect your eyes

This is so important! Wear running glasses that sit snug on your nose and opt for UPF protective clothing.