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Study: Using Sunscreen in Childhood Cuts Melanoma Risk

A recent Australian study found that childhood use of sunscreen can reduce the risk of melanoma by 40 percent in young adults. 


The study, conducted at the University of Sydney, looked at data collected from approximately 1,700 Australians ranging in ages 18 to 40. They studied those who were regular users of sunscreen as kids and compared it to those individuals who rarely use sunscreen. 

The overall conclusion? JAMA Dermatology stated, "Our findings provided evidence that regular sunscreen use is significantly associated with reduced risk of cutaneous melanoma among young adults and identified several characteristics associated with less sunscreen use."

It is very important for parents and guardians to educate their children about the importance of sun safety and sunscreen. Make it fun with suncare products like UV Stickers, UPF clothing and bright hats!