Indoor Tanning Is Addictive | Sun Safe Study

Earlier this year, The Skin Cancer Foundation published an article highlighting a new study on tanning beds. The study, published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, discovered "one in five young white women who have used a tanning bed in the past year exhibit signs of dependence on the activity."


The participants in the study labeled as 'addicted' strongly believed in the mood-boosting benefits they experienced after an indoor tanning session. They explained how it made them look better and feel great. These 'addicted' women showed signs of depression when the tan faded. 

Indoor tanning has been around for decades. In 2010, the indoor tanning industry's revenue was estimated to be $2.6 billion. 

Here are some shocking statistics and facts on indoor tanning: 

1. Out of the 28 million people who tan indoors, 2.3 million are teens.

2. Melanoma rates have increased in the last three decades. About 76,100 US adults will be diagnosed with this type of cancer in 2014. About 9,710 are expected to die from the disease.

3. 58% of adolescent tanning bed users have burns due to constant exposure.

4. Using a tanning bed for 20 minutes is equivalent to spending one to three hours a day at the beach with no sun protection at all.

Our top tip: Opt for a sunless tanner spray or tinted sunscreen to achieve that faux-glow all summer long. Your skin will thank you. 

Conclusion: UV tanning can become addictive