Sunburn Alert- Kid & Parent Approved!

It's well known that kids don't enjoy putting on sunscreen and usually aren't aware of the importance of sun protection. However, as adults, it is our responsibility to make children understand how important it is to be safe in the sun and make sure they are adequately protected from harmful and damaging sun rays. Enter: Sunburn Alert UV Wristbands & Stickers!

Our UV Wristbands & Stickers alert the wearer when in the sun with their color-changing technology that detects harmful UVA & UVB rays. Upon placing the band or sticker on, sunscreen should be applied directly to the products and skin. The bands and stickers turn from white to bright purple or blue then slowly fade the more sun they are exposed to. When this happens, it is a visual reminder to reapply sunscreen. Once the wristband or sticker has turned a cream color, the wearer has reached the maximum amount of sun exposure and it is time to cover up and get out of the sun to avoid burning. The bands and stickers work both wet and dry, perfect for any outdoor activity.

Kids go wild for our products. Wearing these fun accessories, complete with fun designs such as sun shines and sunglasses, makes it a fun and easy experience to practice sun safety. No more constantly checking the clock for when it's time to reapply sunscreen or worrying about getting sunburnt. Kids love them, parents love them too!

Shop our kid and parent approved Sunburn Alert UV Wristbands & Stickers for you and you kids on our website today.