Protecting Our Pets Too

Today on National Pet Day, we're celebrating our love for pets and how much joy they bring to our lives.

Did you know pets (i.e. dogs and cats) are susceptible to sunburns and potential skin cancer? Keep your pets safe this summer by making sure they have a shady place to lay down outside. Also, protect their skin by making sure they wear sunscreen. [Yes, there's doggy sunscreen out there. Epi-Pet Sun Protector is a great option for your pet.]

Have a dog? According to an article from Pet 360, there are signs of a doggy sunburn. "Just like people who get too much sun, dogs also get red skin that is tender to the touch. The most susceptible areas—the nose, ears and tummy—are likely to show overexposure before fur-covered areas. Look for dry, cracked skin and curling at the edges of his ears. Other signs of doggy sunburn are constant scratching in tender places accompanied by a whimper, and shrinking away when you try to pet him. If his sunburn is severe, your pooch may even get a slight fever."

Will you be protecting your pet this summer? Share below!


[Source: Pet 360]