Number of Moles on Arm Could Predict Melanoma Risk

Have you checked the moles on your arm lately? Having 11 moles or more on your right arm might indicate an increased risk of melanoma, British researchers say.

The researchers used data from a 1995-20013 study and information from a UK melanoma case study. They discovered that men and women with 11 moles on their right arm were 9 times more likely to have more moles (roughly 100) across their entire body; meaning they were at a higher risk of developing melanoma. 

It is very important to get your skin checked every year by a medical professional. Regular skin checks will detect any unusual moles or skin formations that could be caused by the sun.

When it comes to melanoma, the world's most serious type of skin cancer, early detection is imperative. Read more on the different types of moles aka the ABCDE's of Melanoma.

Never forget your sunscreen and remember to always reapply. Seek shade when possible, wear a floppy hat and UPF clothing.

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