Looking Beyond The Number of Moles

According to a new study from JAMA Dermatology, most melanoma patients do not have very many moles. This may come as a shock to many, especially since a person with a lot of moles is most of the time thought to be at a higher risk of cancer.

The study was led by Alan Geller of the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston. The findings were surprising: about 66 percent of the 566 melanoma patients had zero to 20 moles total, and about 73 percent had no atypical moles.

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This study showcases just how important it is to practice sun safety. Don't forget to apply sunscreen (and reapply!), get your skin checked (no matter how many moles or freckles you have) and seek shade when possible.

Have a suspicious mole on your skin? Here are the types of skin markings on the body to look for in a fun, easy way to remember we call, the ABCDE's of Melanoma: