Alcohol May Raise Melanoma Risk

White wine was the most clearly associated

A new study finds white wine is associated with higher rates of melanoma. The study was conducted by Eunyoung Cho, ScD, an associate professor of dermatology and epidemiology at Brown University.

Researchers analyzed data of large studies involved roughly 210,252 participants for about 18 years. In the study, they discovered total alcohol intake was associated with a 14 percent higher risk of melanoma per drink per day. Each drink per day of white wine was linked with a 13 percent increased of melanoma.

Furthermore, the link between melanoma and alcohol was found on the parts of the body where there was less sun exposure. Participants who drank about a glass and a half of wine were 2 percent more likely to have melanoma on their head, neck, arms and legs, but were 73 percent more likely to have it on their stomach or back.

The study is published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention