FAQ: About Sunburn Alert

Sunburn Alert products measure your daily dose of UVA/UVB (broad spectrum) sun exposure in order to remind you when to reapply your sunscreen and when it's time to seek sun.


Here are your most frequently asked questions, answered:

1. How long will it take before the colors change?

It depends on how much UV radiation you are getting, but it will generally turn light purple in 1-2 hours on a sunny day with minimal clouds. Sunny, summer days, between 10AM and 4PM are the maximum times for UV exposure. If you are in the shade, you will get less radiation and the band will not change color as quickly. The band will measure wherever you go. In fact, if you go inside where there is no UV radiation, the color progression stops, however, there is a memory, and when you go back outside, the band continues to measure from where it left off.

2. When do I reapply sunscreen and how many times can I do it?

The band reminds you to reapply when the color turns (light purple) and of course, follow the directions on the bottle of sunscreen that you are using for re-applying. Re-applying will not change the color of the band back to dark purple, however, it will reduce the UV absorption because more protection was just added. The color change of the band will be slower. In other words, it will keep the band at light purple longer before changing to pale yellow/cream.

3. Can I continually reapply sunscreen all day to protect myself?  When do I need to get out of the sun?

Please follow the exact directions on the bottle of sunscreen that you are using. Our UV Sunscreen bands will properly measure your maximum sun exposure for the day based on the SPF level of your sunscreen. It is important to understand that sunscreen does NOT block all UV radiation, and no matter how much sunscreen you use there is a limit to how much time you should spend in the sun. Once the band turns pale yellow to white (to match the repeated pattern printed on the band), it is recommended to get out of the sun or cover up!

4. Can the band be used in water or salt water?

Yes, our UV Wristbands and Stickers work in pool water or salt water at the beach. What matters is the sunscreen! Sunscreen can wash off your body in the water. If that happens, it will also wash off the band. The band will give you an accurate reading based on the sunscreen you are using and how you are using it. Certainly, wear the band in the water

5. Can I wear the band for more than one day?

No. The band is designed to only measure your dose of sun exposure per day.  However, the band will work for a full day if you are using your sunscreen properly.  It has a memory and will measure the UV radiation throughoutthe day both inside and outside.  Do not use a partly used band the next day. The band does not measure time or temperature, it only measures UVA & UVB emitted by sun. Once the day is over, dispose or recycle (plastic code 5) the band. 

6. What if I do NOT put sunscreen on the band?

This is not recommended since the band is calibrated to work with all SPF sunscreens. It is not advised to go outside in intense sun for more than 15 minutes in the summer without sunscreen and proper protection. Without sunscreen, the band's color progression will move much more quickly, and could give a false reading.

7. What kind of sunscreen will work with the bands?

The band is calibrated to work with any sunscreen.  Any kind of sunscreen is fine to use, including lotions, creams, or sprays.  What is important is that you properly cover your entire sun-exposed skin and the band with sunscreen for best protection.